The history of Romit goes back to 1962. At that time Romit was the machining department of Rollepaal, a supplier of extrusion machinery for PVC and PO pipes. In 2000 Romit split off as an independent company to use their gained knowledge to serve a broader market.

Our timeline

  • 1962 Start as supplier of extrusion machinery Rollepaal B.V.
  • 2001 Split off as independent company Romit B.V. as part of the Rollepaal Group
  • 2001 Take over mould company Ramix by Rollepaal Group
  • 2008 Take over Hoppmann by Rollepaal Group
  • 2017 Romit moves to new head office of Rollepaal Group
  • 2018 Corporate name change from Rollepaal Group to RPflow
  • 2019 RPflow continues without Hoppmann
  • 2019 Hydratec Industries NV becomes shareholder for 75%, Wadinko retains 25% interest


Our name Romit stands for: 'ROllepaal Matrijzen en Industriële Toelevering' (translation: Rollepaal Moulds and Industrial supply). The name Rollepaal originates from the industrial area in Dedemsvaart with the same name, where Rollepaal is located. Originally a Rollepaal or Rolpaal is named after a pole that was used for the pulling of boats in the inland navigation. A person or horse pulled the boat with a rope, to lead it savely through the canals. The poles were located at spots were the canal made a turn. By keeping the rope strained around the pole, the boat was able to make the turn without bumping into the quay.


Our decades of experience in the industries for plastics machinery, screws and barrels and pressure machinery (compressor and pump parts) make Romit the right choice as a partner in your supply chain of special parts. Over the years we have evolved as a full service supplier of machined parts for OEM customers in Western Europe.

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