Plastics machinery parts

Due to our years of experience in the industry of plastics machinery parts you can rely on our knowledge. Intensive cooperation with producers of plastics extruders and injection moulds has given us extensive knowledge of the handling of plastics. We produce critical parts for plastics machinery, like feed housings, adapter plates, barrel sleeves, retainer plates, core parts for (injection) moulds and die heads.

We offer

  • Knowledge of material use in combination with heat treatment
  • CAM (3D) programming
  • Knowledge of processing (polishing) products
  • Experience with the production of products existing out of two parts
  • Optimization of the production of family products groups
  • Nitriding capacity

Your benefits

  • Short lead time
  • High delivery reliability
  • Complete logistics process
  • Thorough project planning
  • Large capacity to handle several big projects at once
  • Regionally active which means short communication channels “always nearby”

Need more information about our machining capabilities?

Top-notch machinery and a flexible planning allow us to produce both small and medium sized quantities for your industry. A highly skilled, well-trained, customer-oriented workforce ensures careful handling of each and every project. The ISO 9001 quality management system is in use to guard the Romit processes.

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