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Our multitasking machinery offers large travels in the Y-axis and higher drive capacities for the rotary (milling) tools. This leads to maximum efficiency, high machining quality and reliability.

Multitasking is a combination of turning and milling in one production phase. This enables us to reduce both set-up times and dimensional errors.

Through multitasking machining we are able to machine carbon steels, tool steels, stainless steels, chrome-nickel steels, nitrite steels, high alloyed steels, cast iron and casting parts, aluminium and NON-ferro.

Our multitasking machinery in short

  • Both horizontal and vertical
  • High flexibility
  • Reduced down times
  • Dynamic and precise machining due to sophisticated drive technology
  • Innovative tool management


Our specific know-how of machining capabilities in combination with our material- and service treatment knowledge is used in the following industries:

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